Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: WireCrypt and win_sspi
Author Paul Beach

>><<as far as I understand the documents for Firebird 3.0, WireCrypt with ARC4 is only possible for >>ServerAuth=SRP. Is this correnct? Or is there any kind of configuration to use WireCrypt with >>ServerAuth=win_sspi?>>

>More info here:

<<I read the nice documentation - bringing me to my old conclusion that WireCrypt with win_sspi-Authentification is not possible. Or is there any way to achieve that?>>

Yes, my reading of

"Wirecrypt, which sets encryption across the wire. In the default installation it is set
as Required on the server side and Enabled on the V.3 client side. If you expect
applications to connect using the V.2 client, or the V.3 client with win_sspi, then it
should be downgraded to Enabled in the conf file on the server. The default on the
client side is Enabled, which is OK, so there is no need to reconfigure it there."

Also suggests that your conclusion is correct.

Thats why I suggested reading the document. At the moment its the gospel on
authentication in Firebird 3, cross checking on this to make sure I get..

a definitive WireCrypt with win_sspi-Authentification is not possible
Where Required = yes, enabled = no, and disabled = no
and if you do use win_sspi required will mean a failed connection