Subject Re: [firebird-support] force disconnect and replace db in use
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 1-10-2018 21:10, Dalton Calford dalton.calford@...
[firebird-support] wrote:

> Different versions of firebird, give you different options..

The versions with extremely limited shutdown capabilities are
end-of-life. All currently supported versions have it.

> Some versions you just give it a forced or timed shutdown command via
> the api or command line tools, others you can view the monitor tables
> and see what various connections are doing and you can delete
> connections as needed.

Deleting from the monitoring tables without shutting down the database
for new connections may be less effective as the application can still
create new connections (eg if a new request comes in).

> You can even create triggers on connect/transaction start that check a
> table and if a flag is set, disconnects the client.

Sure, but that sounds like a poor man's shutdown. Why try to replicate
what Firebird already does for you?

Mark Rotteveel