Subject Re: FB 3.0 Replacing ICU libraries
I am using FB3.0.2 with swedish collation, but with the unicode libs that worked with FB2.5. I have not had the time to research the use of newer versions of these libraries. This is what i do:

Put the icudt44.dll, icuin44.dll and icuuc44.dll lib files in Firebird_3_0 (might have typos here, no cut'n'paste).

Change fbintl.conf to:
intl_module = builtin {
    icu_versions = 4.4

intl_module = fbintl {
    filename = $(this)/fbintl
    icu_versions = 4.4

And also, of course, define the collation in the database.

This seems to cater for my current needs.

If i'm doing anything wrong or in an unoptimal way i would of course appreciate to know.