Subject Re: [firebird-support] FreeAdhocUDF and Firebird 3 not working
Author Helen Borrie
Hello kerry@...,

Friday, September 8, 2017, 11:10:39 AM, you wrote:

> I am thinking FreeAdhocUDF is a dead project. It has not been updated for many years.

> The main thing though is that these UDFs work ok in Firebird 2.5. I
> have also developed a UDF (DLL) in Delphi, and that does not work
> either. It used to in 2.5 (still does). I thought it better to
> mention the FreeAdhocUDF issue otherwise it would be my fault that my own UDF does not work!

> There is obviously something different about V3 that is stopping
> some UDFs from working. In my own limited experience, it is stopping ALL UDFs from working.

What does "not working" mean? Do you get any exception messages?
Crash the server? What?

It's possibly a permissions problem. Fb3 introduced EXECUTE
privileges on UDFs. The initial situation is that the user that
"owns" an externally defined UDF is the user that originally declared
it. So, for example, if it was declared by SYSDBA, then only SYSDBA
can invoke it. SYSDBA will need to grant the EXECUTE privilege on it
to any users who are going to need to invoke it.

You might care to check the setting for UDFAccess in the firebird.conf
of your V.2.5 installation. It could be you configured that and then
forgot about it. The default UDFAccess setting in Fb3 is Restrict
UDF. That causes it to look only in Firebird's \UDF subdirectory for
the declared UDF modules.

> And this is not a trivial problem. I have spent days trying to
> remove UDFs from my existing 2.5 version databases, and it is not an easy job.

Well, it's hard to help with a solution to your non-trivial problem if
you provide only a trivial account of what goes wrong.