Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: On Updating One Column Value, Update Time Stamp in Another Column
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Vishal,

> I would also like to know that if I need to learn Triggers and Stored
> Procedures then what document should I refer, I am am new for triggers
> and SP. Googling is random way I see. Would you refer any good books
> for this?

You'll find lots of free documentation under

More specifically, here's the Language Reference:

with the chapter on triggers:

and on Procedural SQL (the language you use inside triggers and Stored

The Firebird FAQ is also very useful:

And Helen Borrie's Firebird Book is a great manual which also includes
chapter(s) on SP's, triggers and PSQL. It's not free though! You'll find
it here:

(You may need to scroll down a bit.)

Hope this helps!

Paul Vinkenoog