Subject Firebird Connection String

Am working on an old VB6 project and need to connect to some Firebird Data.

Having problem Connecting to database when it's a network address.

Declaration is:
Private Declare Function ConnectDatabase Lib "fbdll4vb20.dll" (ByVal servername As String, ByVal dbName As String, ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String) As Boolean

Call for database on local machine works fine:  (FileName = c:\data\sprox.gdb)

        Set rs = Myrs.rsOpen(StrSql, "Localhost", FileName, "SYSDBA", "masterkey")

Public Function rsOpen(sql As String, dbServer As String, dbName As String, dbUser As String, dbPass As String) As ADOR.Recordset

    Dim rv As Boolean

    rv = ConnectDatabase(dbServer, dbName, dbUser, dbPass)

If my data is on network share at \\MyNetShare\data\sprox.gdb then what value do I use for dbServer and dbFileName?

Tried dbServer="" and dbName="\\MyNetShare\data\sprox.gdb" and it works but only if running program As Admin (Win10)

Any suggestions???