Subject Re: [firebird-support] Simple post edited data to table raises exception after converting FB 2.1 to FB 3.0
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2017-07-20 00:18, fredff13@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> The error states: Exception class EFDDBEngineException with message
> [FireDAC][Phys][FB_30]-312 Exact update affected [0] rows, while [1]
> was requested.
> If I hit "Continue" button then another exception raises:
> The error states: Exception class EFDException with message
> [FireDAC][Phys][FB_30]-400 Update command updated [0] rows, instead of
> [1] record. Possible reasons: update does not have PK or row
> identifier, record has been changed/deleted by another user.
> The table has PK as company id, no null value, unique key, I used DB
> on my computer so nobody can use it. Without debugger no exception
> raised. Under FB 2.1 the same function executed OK.
> Data is not saved under debug! Under exe mode no exception raised but
> data not saved.
> This is really really BIG PROBLEM!

That exception is not a Firebird exception, it seems to be a FireDAC
thing. Does your code actually **change** any existing values?

Also, please consider making it easy for us to help you and reduce your
code and query to the minimum necessary to reproduce. Your current
queries are huge and it is hard to build theories with so many