Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB in Azure VM?
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With Azure - AFAIKnew two VM are never guaranteed to be anywhere close to each other. This was a total turn off for me, given that bandwidth for each server is based on cost and very expensive, the two servers would often suffer from one or both ends being thorttled back to almost nothing.
Better to co-host your own serer somewhere than use Azure. That was my decision.

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Subject: [firebird-support] FB in Azure VM?


We're considering a move from dedicated server (at a hosting provider) to hosting "everything" in the cloud, namely Azure.

They don't provide FB as "app as a service", so we're forced to go with a VM where we maintain our own FB installation, which is not a problem per se, but means we'll have to manage it more ourselves.

What experiences do you have with deploying FB in an Azure VM or similar?

If I understand MS correctly, they can provide a locally mounted high-performance disk, but I'm not sure if they can provide mirroring, e.g. RAID 1.

On our dedicated server we have a local RAID 1 volume (mechanical 10k or possibly 15k rpm SCSI) for the databse, and make full nightly backups.
Forced writes off. Transaction load isn't very high, but we do need to be able to execute long-running and "heavy" queries while at the same time a web app makes short transactions that require short response times.

I'd like to know if you think the cloud VM approach for a FB installation is viable, any special consideration we should be aware of, etc.

I do know that the wire protocol is not very efficient if the network latency is high, so you don't have to mention that aspect. I.e. we're probably better of having both FB and the apps hosted in the same cloud...

But... do you know if this is a problem if FB is in an Azure VM and the app is hosted in an Azure App Service? Network latency ok in that scenario?


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