Subject Re: [firebird-support] internal firebird consistency check
Author Alexey Kovyazin

Usually such corruptions happen due to hardware problems.
Check you RAM

Try to fix with standard means

If it fails, FirstAID will help.

It is not possible to 100% protect from all types of corruptions, but it possible to eliminate their consequences - implement a failover solution based on Firebird replication (VM failover does not work).

Alexey Kovyazin

1. I got following error reported Firebird- :
"internal firebird consistency check (cannot find record back version (291), file: vio.cpp line: 4676)"

2. Environment:
.Net Provider
FlameRobin 0.9.3 (git hash 5ece15b)
Windows 10 Home Operating System

3. Back up reported the same error and failed. I'm not able to reproduce the error from the copy of the corrupted database.

4. How can I avoid such corruption of database and how can I recover such corrupted database.

Thanks and regards,