Subject complicated recursion or other option?
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in advance, many thanks!


I would like to combine all properties like this:


Property1              Property2             Property3             Property4..

IP54                     Yellow                   With lamp             30W

IP20                     Blue                      Without lamp        40W

                            Red                                                   50W



In the first step I would like get this:

IP54-Yellow-With lamp-30W

IP54-Yellow-With lamp-40W

IP54-Yellow-Without lamp-30W.


(in the next step, I would like to set Properties which are not possible, for example 60W is not possible if the Color is red)


For this, I have two tables:


Table A

ID Property (color could be value 1, lamp, IPXX, Watt..) integer

POS (in this sequence I would like to generatet he result) integer

ID itself, Integer, self generated.


Table B

ID itself auto generated integer

ID_Table A references to Table A

Property – (yellow, red..)


For example,

Table A

ID Property          POS            ID itself

1 (Color)                1                 10

2(lamp)                 2                 11

3(Watt)                3                 12



Table B

ID itself     ID_Table_A         Property

101              10                         RED

102             10                         BLUE

103             10                         White

104             11                          With Lamp

105             11                          Without Lamp

105             12                         30 Watt

105             12                         40 Watt

105             12                         50 Watt


Now I would get:


Red-With Lamp-30 Watt

Red-With Lamp-40 Watt

Red-With Lamp-50 Watt

Red-Without Lamp-30 Watt

Red-Without Lamp-40 Watt

Red-Without Lamp-50 Watt

Blue-With Lamp-30 Watt.. and so on


How can I realize with firebird?


Thank you.


Best regards