Subject deadlock
Author Check_Mail

Hello @ll,


at the moment, we have some problems with deadlock-messages, Firebird 3.01.32531.




C:\Programme\firebird\Firebird_3_0>gstat -h d:\interbase\ifls.gdb



Database header page information:

        Flags                   0

        Generation              8469221

        System Change Number    0

        Page size               4096

        ODS version             12.0

        Oldest transaction      8456509

        Oldest active           8456510

        Oldest snapshot         8456487

        Next transaction        8469015

        Sequence number         0

        Next attachment ID      48138

        Implementation          HW=Intel/i386 little-endian OS=Windows CC=MSVC

        Shadow count            0

        Page buffers            65536

        Next header page        0

        Database dialect        3

        Creation date           Feb 15, 2017 12:43:30

        Attributes              force write


    Variable header data:

        Sweep interval:         0



A sweep set we with the windows planned tasks.


The last transaction ist the garbage collector.


What can be wrong?



Many greetings