Subject RE: [firebird-support] Inserting/Updating new records with data from previous records
Author Maya Opperman
>Alan Wrote:
>Partno, del_qty no_boxes, (pallet_qty, qty_per_box - do not vary for each part)
>ABC 200 10 300 20
>ABC 200 10 300 20
>ABC 100 5 300 20

>So far so good, but some of their customers require a second barcode label attached to the outer pallet (the 300 above)

>I need to produce 2 pallet labels as follows:
>Partno, del_qty no_boxes
>ABC 300 15
>ABC 200 10

You will need a field to say which pallet the items are in, for example palletno.


partno, palletno, sum(del_qty), sum(no_boxes)
from yourTable
group by partno, palletno