Subject RE: [firebird-support] reset sysdba password without loose existing users
What you'll need to do is to download the firebird embedded edition and unzip it into a folder.  If you are going to try to change the password from the command prompt you'll need to copy the isql.exe file from your original installation into the folder where you unzipped the embedded version.  If you are going to use a tool like flamerobin copy the fbemded.dll to its folder.  I'm not sure but you may need to rename it to fbclient.dll for flamerobin to use it.  If you are using a tool like IBExpert or DBWorkbench then were it ask for the client dll point it to the firebird embeded client.  You'll then be able to connect to the security database and issue the commands to change the password.

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What the person meant was that if a database is opened using a firebird server process, that process looks for a valid password for the sysdba user. This is the situation you are in now.  


But, If you take that Database and open it in embedded mode, meaning that it isn’t using the server process. The Embedded mode only looks for the user to exist. It doesn’t care about the password. Once you connect, you can then issue the appropriate command to change the password.



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Thanks for your reply,

I don't understand what you mean....sorry

As i said, i don't have sysdba password....and i don't want to loose all
existing users account


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> Anybody can help me to reset SYSDBA without loose all existing users in

Attach in embedded mode with SYSDBA name and you can change the password
with ALTER
USER command.





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