Subject Re: [firebird-support] Ryzen R7 vs Kaby Lake 7700K, which one to choose?
Author Doychin Bondzhev

I just got my last piece (the motherboard) for my new Ryzen system. I'll
install all the software during the next few days and will write back
here about my experience with FB.

I'm moving from FX-8350 to Ryzen 7 1800X with some decent upgrade on the
storage (RAID 10 with 6 HDD) so I expect there will be very decent speed
up for FB.

At least my personal experience shows that for well written code the
biggest problem is the database storage.

For classic or super classic you will get better results with Ryzen when
you have multiple clients accessing your database then with KL.

KL is good for super server or for small number of clients where higher
IPC will help you to process queries faster.

but all this is irrelevant if you have slow storage.


On 23.3.2017 �. 05:00 �., trskopo@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am considering to upgrade my development cpu.
> Between Ryzen & KL, although Ryzen is very good at multi threaded
> processing, I guest, for Firebird, KL will be faster.
> For development, mostly I used only single connection to FB, and since
> FB distributed workload among cores, for a single connection, total
> utilization for all cores is the same as 100% utilisation for 1 core,
> and for 1 core operation, KL is more superior than Ryzen.
> Can anyone confirm this? Or has anyone here have a Ryzen and care to
> share the experience using Ryzen with FB?
> Thanks & regards,
> Anto

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