Subject RE: [firebird-support] Does any Delphi component exist to access a FB database without DLLs?
Author Leyne, Sean

I find your post contains contradictions.

> I am looking to write a mobile application.
> I don't want to use SQLite because I think it's crap.


> Firebird seems just right, except that it comes with a massive DLL.

"Massive"? Huh?

The Firebird Client is ~1MB in size.

What do you define as "massive"?

> Because phones come in all sizes,I just can't be sure that it'll be
> downloaded if it's too big, so the first obvious saving would be the DLL.

My quick scan of my own Android phone finds that most apps (as compared to utilities) are 45-50 MB in size, with the Facebook app weighing in at 240MB in size.

So, to my mind, the size of the Firebird client is quite reasonable.

Separately, I am not aware that FireMonkey/Delphi can be deployed as mobile apps if they require external DLLs. AFAIR, FireMonkey apps must be built from "native" code.