Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: High "Mutex wait" value, after increase in "Hash Slots" to 90001
Author Leyne, Sean
> > Am I right to think that I need to create a process to run the command on a
> regular basis (every 5 secs?) to find what objects locks are waiting for?
> Yes. But we're still guessing in the dark

<SL> That's fine, that is at least a path to investigate...

>, the reason of the slowdown could be completely unrelated to the lock manager (e.g. bad plans,
> undesired access to MON$ tables inside triggers, whatever else).

<SL> We only have 1 process which access MON$ tables, it is a job that runs every 5 minutes to report on long running SQL statements, none of our triggers reference MON$ structures.

<SL> The only thing that we use often is GET/SET RDB$Context variables...