Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Interbase vs Firebird
Author Pavel Cisar

Dne 10.3.2017 v 13:59 listas@... [firebird-support] napsal(a):
> If you are speaking about Change Views feature, I understand its main
> purpose is to help mobile applications to update local copies of
> (changed) data easily.

Similar thing could be implemented in your app. using Firebird 3.0
RDB$RECORD_VERSION pseudo-column. See

Change View has one significant advantage - can trace deletes out of the
box. Smaller advantage is that it can detect and signal which columns
were changed and you can even filter output on that. But although it's
lovely feature I don't think its worth the cost it has. Detecting simple
changes at row level is imho good enough for most cases and that's what
we (silently) have (except deletes). Reconciliation could be done at
app. level with no significant additional cost with greater flexibility.
But I agree that Change Views feature looks great - on paper.

best regards
Pavel Cisar