Subject Re: Bloated security2.fdb
Author Dmitry Yemanov
06.03.2017 21:48, 'Neil Pickles' wrote:

> One thing I don’t understand is why there would be over 744 million txns
> on this file? Is a new txn started each time a connection to the
> database is made?

Of course, the server needs to validate your login/password against the
security database.

> I find when it gets to this kind of size I see intermittent errors
> ‘Unable to attach to password database’ from our applications and I
> have found the only way to ‘fix’ that is to reinstall a clean version of
> Firebird which resets the security2.fdb file back to 760K and everything
> works again without errors. I had to do this today in this installation
> for this very reason.

I'd say the error is not expected, as I don't see any limits reached.
But there could be something related but not so obvious, especially in
old versions.

firebird.log should contain a record about such failures, at least in FB
2.5. What does it say?

> Is there something wrong with this or is this supposed to happen, should
> security2.fdb be growing to over 190 Meg and beyond while containing
> just a single record?

This is expected.

> Is there some kind of housekeeping that should be done to keep
> security2.fdb in shape?