Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird issue.
Author Helen Borrie
Sunday, March 5, 2017, 12:27:11 AM, soimah.rina@... wrote:

> Firebird 2.1 and 2.5 i have installed as normal.Then when i open my
> entrypass( software for access card reading and programing) software
> ( this software im using requires firebird server and client) it say
> firebird database engine not found. How to solved this issue.

There is not enough information here to give you an exact solution.
What operating system is running on the server?

Broadly, the cause of your problem is probably a combination of
1) not uninstalling Fb 2.1 properly; and
2) not installing Fb 2.5 properly

The solution depends on the operating system and the model of Fb 2.5
you want to run (Superserver, Classic or Superclassic).