Subject Problems with database events


Still have problem. Firewall is switched of on linux.  RemoteAuxPort = 13050. Should be something to be configured on client side?

Why using 2.5 fbclient.dll you can register but for 3.0.2 you are not be able?

> Hello!

> Error occurs if i am trying to register database events using 3.0.2.
> fbclient.dll to firebird 3.0.2. on linux.

> "Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing."

> No error if server is on windows or server is on linux and using 2.5 client.

It is likely to be a firewall issue. In firebird.conf:

# The TCP Port Number to be used for server Event Notification
# messages. The value of 0 (Zero) means that the server will choose
# a port number randomly.
# Type: integer
#RemoteAuxPort = 0

So you will need to open a port (recommend a high number, e.g., 13050)
in the firewall of your Linux host and apply that number to
RemoteAuxPort. Don't forget to restart the server after saving the

If that doesn't work, you could post a Tracker ticket to have it
looked at before Fb 3.0.2 is released.