Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 classic performance issue on linux64
Author Andreas Zeller
Hi Dimitry, hi Sean,

> Did you check obvious things: direct and reverse DNS resolution for server host on
> client host and both hosts on server host?
I didn't realize those were obvious things, but connections are being
made via the IP. So there's no name-resolution delay. I just checked on
the server wether the NIS resolution works. It does work both ways
without the slightest delay.

I am still curious about how this might affect performance?

Sean: fb_lock_print seems to have some trouble:

Unable to access lock table.
operating system directive shmem_data->sh_mem_length_mapped is 0 failed

This is what I am getting from fb_lock_print -d filename.db0

I'll google that in the meantime.

Thanks guys,