Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 classic performance issue on linux64
Author Leyne, Sean

> - increase page size to 16kB (gbak -> and restore with new pagesize)
> - increased buffers for firebird to use up to 4GB of ram (256kB) via gfix

With Classic server you *need* to reduce the number of cached pages -- I would recommend a value < 500 pages

> - switchted to async writes because we have redundancy and data security
> on hardware level (also via gfix)

Hardware redundancy and security will not protect if the hosts/OS restarts or Firebird abends without warning.

Forced Writes = ON is HIGHLY recommended in all production use-cases.

> After all of this didn't really seem to do much, we had to pull out the big guns:

> Performance improved a bit, but still not the way we would like it to be.

You should look at the fb_lock_print details, it is possible that you are experience issue with the external lock manager.