Subject RE: [firebird-support] Is this a bug of Firebird?
Author Leyne, Sean

> Delphi's latest compiler provides a hint in these cases:
> var
>   x: Int32;
> begin
>   try
>     x := 0;
>     x := 1;
>     writeln(x);
> end.
> [dcc32 Hint] Project1.dpr(14): H2077 Value assigned to 'x' never used
> (Line 14 is the one assigning zero.)

In hindsight my post should have read more like:

- No compiler would treat the condition as an error. A warning, Yes. But not an error.

- There are plenty of DB tools (IBExpert for one) which perform their own "syntax checking" and report warnings (though I would need to test if IBE reports a warning for this case).

- AFAIK, the FB engine only reports errors. So, a new set of functions/methods would need to be developed to report and handle warnings.