Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 3.0.3 no longer compatible with InterBase 7.5.1 clients
Haha, yes that's fair enough. I suppose after this long it's mostly just luck that the IB7.5.1 client library is able to connect to FB3.0.2 at all.

Perhaps a better question is whether anyone has experience with this kind of migration where it is difficult to change all clients and servers from InterBase to Firebird at once. I still have two paths forward:

A. Migrate all servers to FB3.0.2 (or earlier), then update clients to corresponding fbclient.dll. After that it is easier to incrementally upgrade Firebird servers and clients.

B. Update all clients to fbclient.dll 2.5.7 (or earlier), then migrate all servers to latest Firebird, then update clients to corresponding fbclient.dll.

In each case I understand that compatibility between InterBase and Firebird in either direction is not assured or supported. We will have to carry out our own testing to satisfy ourselves that our apps will operate acceptably through the transition (but so far either scenario above looks feasible).

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tried what I'm proposing or has any tips on the best way to proceed.


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> Wireshark traces show that the server is sending all the data from the
> query, but the client is not recognising it and waits forever

So, you, actually, should ask Embarcadero why their client cannot work with Firebird anymore.


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