Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to get a list of columns from another select
Author Robert martin


We do this all over the place.  We have a custom grid component that has a save as option, so the grid could be displaying anything. 
We simply iterate the columns collection of the grid component.  If your custom Query is displayed in a grid you should be able to do this in your dev environment.  If its not displayed in a grid you could place a hidden grid on the screen and use that, or a better solution would be to use your database components which should have a fields (or similar) collection of the results (we use IBObjects / Delphi and it definitely does) . 


On 26/01/2017 9:57 AM, jorgebj@... [firebird-support] wrote:
Hi Dimitry.
Is not that. The subquery is entered at runtime in my application and then exported to a spreadsheet.

In my application there is a screen where the user can enter the query (ANY), it is exported and they only see the results but do not know the name of the column.

When exporting the query, I must get the names of the columns and also send them along with the data.