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Author Nico Speleers - Carfac BVBA
I want to create a tablename in camelcase without using quotes.

If I execute Create table MyTable(aField integer) then the tablename is saved as MYTABLE. And yes then you can use camelcase without quotes.

Can you find a solution ?

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04.01.2017 15:41, Nico Speleers - Carfac BVBA nico.speleers@... [firebird-support]
> We want to create table- and fieldnames (Firebird 3) in camelcase. If
> we want to write a select statement we have to use quotes around a
> tablename. This is not userfriendly. Is there a way that we don't have to use the quotes in SQL-statements ?

Just don't use double quotes:

Create table MyTable(aField integer);
Select aField from MyTable;

No problem if you write queries by hand.
On other hand, if you use a visual query builder, you'll have no problem with double quotes.





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