Subject RE: info
Author Leyne, Sean
> We want to create table- and fieldnames (Firebird 3) in camelcase.

You can do that now, you can use whatever case you want.

> If we
> want to write a select statement we have to use quotes around a tablename.
> This is not userfriendly. Is there a way that we don't have to use the quotes
> in SQL-statements ?

By SQL standard Object names are case insensitive, so all objects are upper-cased.

There is an exception for objects created as "identifiers" which requires the use of double-quotes (another SQL standard) for all references to the Objects.

> We don't want to create our table- and fieldnames in lowercase or
> uppercase.

While the engine would return/display the object names in upper case, that does not stop you from using CamelCase in your SELECT statements, Triggers and SPs -- This is something that I do religiously, even after 20 years of using IB/FB.