Subject Re: [firebird-support] deploy Windows Application to access Firebird database
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Alain,

Thursday, September 1, 2016, 8:20:37 PM, you wrote:
> for a local access with FlameRobin what is the syntax to connect to a LOCAL server

> I can't get the right syntax under Windows !!
> I can PING, I can browse  shared folders but can't connect to the firebird database

> the machine Server name is "compaq-proliant"
> OS is WIndows Server 2003 IP

> My Client PC is Windows Vista
> I type compaq-proliant:C:\DATA\MyDATA.fdb

> All are connectted on a Router

This configuration is NOT "local". It is client/server. "Local" means
server and client running on the same box.

1. You need a full Firebird server installed and running on
compaq-proliant. Look at the property sheet for the Firebird service
and tell us what version and model of Firebird server you have on that
machine. (V. 2.0, 2.1, 2.5, 3.0; model Classic, Superserver,
Superclassic). (Copy the line labelled "Path to executable").

2. Flamerobin and the matching client library (fbclient.dll) should
be together on the remote client (the Vista box).

3. Show the full connection parameters you are supplying to Flamerobin
(tcp/ip connection path, user name, password...well, don't tell us the
password, just put a placeholder there.)

4. Write down any error messages that appear in Flamerobin when you
fail to connect.

5. Look at firebird.log in Notepad and copy out anything near the
bottom that looks like an error.

6. And, as others suggested, check that port 3050 *on the server* is
not firewalled.