Subject RE: Slow Firebird performance in Azure with durable data disks (e.g., Premium Storage)
Author Leyne, Sean
> We've experimented with the performance of Firebird in virtual machines in
> Microsoft's Azure cloud. With Azure VMs, any durable data needs to be
> placed in "data disks", and essentially that means network-connected
> storage that is inherently slower than e.g. local SSD disks.
> When testing our application's operations with a Firebird database that's on
> such a "data disk", the performance is roughly 6x slower than when the
> database is on the VM's local, temporary-only disk. The temporary disks
> obviously are not good for real use so this is for performance comparison
> only.

Which class of Azure SSD/Premium storage have you tried?
P10 (500 IOPs)? P20 (2300 IOPs)? Or, P30 (5000 IOPs)?