Subject Re: [firebird-support] deploy Windows Application to access Firebird database
Author Alain Bastien
Does it apply to remote servers also such as

The release note README file in the embbeded zip says:

 2.2. Database access

    Client access can be only via the local protocol,
    i.e. NOT a TCP/IP connection string that includes
    the server name "localhost" or IP address

    The embedded server supports only the local connection
    to a database file path without a server name.

    The database file can be accessed by multiple client
    programs. The database consistency in this case is
    guaranteed internally (by the shared lock table).


Has this been updated in the Firebird 2.5.6 ?

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On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 6:40 PM, Stefan Heymann lists@... [firebird-support] <> wrote:

> What's required for the Windows app to access a remote Firebird database ?
> The minimal installation

The absolute minimum you need is the fbclient.dll (same 32/64-bitness
as your application). I put it in the same folder as my application's
.exe file so it can be found easily.

My customers can start the application from a share's UNC path without
installing anything (DB driver, Aliases etc.) on the local client
machine. All they need is the link to that UNC path.