Subject RE: [firebird-support] Help needed with grouping, GROUP BY and LIST()
Author Leyne, Sean
> > Q: Did you mean to exclude the 2nd "HIGH_FLOW" characteristic value from
> > the summary?
> Yes, the same information should not be repeated within a single 'field'. The
> second "HIGH_FLOW" characteristic is only in the original result set because it
> has 2 properties (> 10 litres / sec and > 50 gals / hour - sorry contrived I
> know!) via the J_CHAR_PROPERTY table.
>> Q: Do you require the relationship/relative position between the
>> "characteristic" and "property" values be maintained in the summary result?
> It would be nice, but not essential. Currently the 'properties' of a
> 'characteristic' are not ordered to keep the example simple, but I could add a
> SEQ field to define the ordering and in that case it would be good for the
> LIST() to observe the order.

Have a look at my reply to your second question, about using CTE, that will be part of your answer for this problem as well.

FYI: LIST() doesn't observe ORDER BY...