Subject Re: Server crashes sometimes
---In, <Martin.Koeditz@...> wrote :

> my Database isn’t reachable for short times. This happens once in a few days. The firebird.log shows following messages:

> linux-j4zt      Wed Aug 17 10:59:58 2016

>         /usr/sbin/fbguard: /usr/sbin/firebird terminated abnormally (-1)

> linux-j4zt      Wed Aug 17 10:59:58 2016

>         /usr/sbin/fbguard: guardian starting /usr/sbin/firebird

> During this period users get database unreachable messages.


> Can I figure out why this happen? Is there a way to do a trace and to send it to bug tracker?

  This (a bit old but still correct) article could help to produce stack backtrace

> I’m using FB 3.0 x64 on OpenSuse Leap 14.1, Kernel 4.1.21-14-default.

  Could you try snapshot build of 3.0.1 ?