Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird - explanation of errors
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  Mark, your answer as usual very detailed and very good, i just want to
correct it a bit.

>> /1. //POS003 (Server) Fri Jul 15 11:56:32 2016/
>> / Database: C:\GASTRO.FDB/
>> / Index 6 is corrupt (missing entries) in table POZRACH
>> (259)/

> Potentially disturbing. A backup and (if successful) a restore might be
> in order. If the backup fails, you may first need to repair the database
> first.

  Rebuild of problem index is enough, no need to backup\restore.

  If index can't be rebuild because of PK\FK violation, duplicated\orphaned
records should be found and fixed first.

>> /6. //POS003 (Server) Mon Jul 18 12:51:48 2016/
>> / Shutting down the Firebird service with 1 active
>> connection(s) to 1 database(s)/

> Informational message. Something or someone stopped the Firebird service
> while there were still connections. This may indicate potentially cause
> data loss if that connection had active transactions.

  It means that Firebird will rollback all active transactions on shutdown. I.e. uncommitted
data could be lost.