Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database/Backup consistency check
Author Aldo Caruso
The third option is the best.

If you can create now a backup and no errors are shown, and you can restore it to a new host with a reliable HD, and no errors are show, you can be sure that it is ok.

Aldo Caruso

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I have a database on a hard drive which is failing. The hard drive already has some bad sectors and we are about to replace it.

Now I have a backup of that database created with gbak that I could use. However I am not sure if the hard drive was still fine, when the backup was created.
On the other hand, I can right now access the database just fine and I could try to simply copy it.
As third option I could create a new backup to external media right now.

Now my questions:
- Is there any way to check a copied database file for corruption? If the file copy works without error (no file system I/O error) can I be sure or is there a command to be sure, if the file is completely intact?
- If I restore the backup and gbak does not report an error, can I be sure that everything is okay?
- If I create a new backup and gbak does not report an error, can I be sure that the new backup is okay?

There used to be a checksum in the page header, but IIRC that field was abandoned.
Then again I am still at 2.0.4...


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