Subject Re: gbak with -se switch?
Author Dmitry Yemanov
22.06.2016 12:49, 'Martijn Tonies wrote:
>> I understood you as that regular gbak does not work when the database is
>> in use, so now you try the -se switch.
> That is correct, but as you can see, using -se resulted in an error.

So what was the error using gbak without -se? And what was the command
line you used?

> where does the docs say to use the host before 'service_mgr' instead of
> the (source) database string?

InterBase API Guide, page 202.

>> Did you try using filenames without embedded spaces (and thus without
>> quotes)?
> No, cause the database name contains spaces ;)

Is it too hard to rename it? I'm trying to reduce the possible reasons
but you insist.

> Could that be the cause of the multiple sources/destinations error? If so,
> I'll take it this is a parsing error in gbak?

It could be, but it should be proved.