Subject Re: Column Name Size
Author Dmitry Yemanov
17.06.2016 10:56, Dimitry Sibiryakov sd@... wrote:
>>> Is there the limitation of 31 bytes for column names in the new FB 3?
>> 31 CHARACTERS - as before
> No, it is 31 byte.

Correct, the limit is 31 *bytes*. The legacy UNICODE_FSS charset is
multi-byte (up to three bytes per character) in user-defined tables, but
it's treated specially for system tables, limiting the length to 31
bytes, not characters (like it was a single-byte charset). The reasons
are mainly historical (thanks to Borland) and related to backward
compatibility of API and GPRE-generated code.

v3 preserves this legacy behaviour. v4 resolves this issue from multiple

- switching to UTF8 instead of UNICODE_FSS
- counting the length in characters instead of bytes
- increasing the limit to 63 characters (at the moment, may change
before the final release)