Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 3.0 - invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start).
Author Roland Turcan
Hello Norbert,

Thanks for your confimation, that I am not alone on this planet having
this problem.

I can't say if customers had it during concurrent access to the same
record, but in my case it was definitely not caused by concurrent
access, because I have got it on my developer test database with the
only connection.

I don't want to post this issue into DEVEL, because it is a support
question, but where are the guys able to answer or at least to point
us to some hints.



<<< 17.06.2016 12:29 - Norbert Saint Georges nsg@... [firebird-support] "" >>>
NSGntefs> I have the same problem without being able to identify or reproduce.

NSGntefs> My background, dot net WebForm with Firebird 3.0, when multiple update
NSGntefs> via multiple threads on the same record.

NSGntefs> See if this is the same context for you?

Best regards, TRoland