Subject Re: performance issue with firebird 3.0 embedded on linux

#1 : FB does not like ext4 : Firebird News » Forced Writes Performance impact on #Ubuntu with ext4 no barrier


#2 : HT is no necessary a good idea in case of data intensive applications (eg. databases) : Be aware: To Hyper or not to Hyper

#3 : Use classic server, or superclassic (superserver does not like concurrency is a single database).

#4 : I think the bottleneck here is the disk, not the engine itself. We made a test for bulk insert and best method was to run execute blocks with as many inserts as possible in it in a single thread. We achieved
8-9K records / sec for small tables and 3-4K records / sec for bigger tables. (tables were not indexed, and it was a simple HDD)