Subject Re: [firebird-support] Case and Accent insensitive compares
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Stefan,

> > Also, it is questionable if you should consider a and ä different
> > letters, even in German. See e.g.
> >
> For sorting, treating them as "same" is correct. However, for things
> like comparisons (in a unique key for example) they are not the same.

That's right. I can't think of any circumstances where you would want
to consider 'hatten' and 'hätten' the same, for instance. Or Mutter and
Mütter. Actually, I couldn't think of any German word where this would
be the case. So when it's strictly about German, AI collations seem
useless, except for catching certain foreign words and names likes
Gérard/Gerard, or misspellings of Kekulé.

Paul Vinkenoog