Subject Re: Schema pluses?
Author Dmitry Yemanov
15.06.2016 22:48, 'livius' wrote:
> we can write sql like
> select * from table_name but really this is
> select * from schema.table_name
> and if i write this in stored procedure – i suppose that “object_id”
> will be stored in blr(when schemas will be avaiable)

BLR will contain schema.table_name.

> and also some task – user1 tell user2 “send me sql to retrive something”

In this case, user1 does not know about user2. They live in two parallel

> I see only complication over benefits

You just don't see the point from the integration (read: enterprise)
POV. For simple setups (single database), schemas are just two-level
namespace, with the benefit of "A.B" being longer than "A_B".