Subject Re: [firebird-support] performance issue with firebird 3.0 embedded on linux
Author Helen Borrie
Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 5:58:39 PM, Karol B. wrote:

> test without details say nothing to me
> 1. Did you compare results with e.g. FB2.5 in on the same maschine with same configuration (FBConfig)
> 2. What is your page size and type of HDD?
> 3. Do you have BOST feature enabled on CPU and HT? -- Boost?
> 4. Did you compare results on GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE - i know this is not the same but can show some info?
> 5. How do you test this times about your threads and how do you start them?
> 6. Exact version of FB

and 7. If on Windows, how did you go about configuring CpuAffinityMask?
- which processors did you intend to set it for and what was the value you
- did you try to do this configuration whilst an engine instance was running,
without restarting?