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My understanding from reading the documentation is:
Provider = Remote means the client is on the network, excluding
Provider = Loopback means the client is actually on the same OS instance as the FB3 engine, and it is using the to access the database to avoid the "embedded server concept" from answering the request, as it would capture the DB file and will not allow any other clients from remote /network source.
Engine12 = The local server takes control of the database as if it was an embedded server, killing all future chance of accessing the DB from the network, so Engine12 is if I understand correctly the way to talk to the DB engine in "exclusive" mode when you want to perform maintenance or work on the security database.
Is the above wrong?
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Engine12 is actually the post of Firebird 3 that is the implementation of the database server (and understands ODS12).

So it is a required part of Firebird 3.


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Hi All,
Is there a reason why the FB 3 server configured as follows would require Engine12 as a provider?
DatabaseAccess  = None
AuthServer  = Srp
AuthClient  = Srp
UserManager  = Srp
Providers  = Remote
WireCrypt  = Enabled
WireCompression = false
ServerMode  = Super
I've noticed the network applications that access the FB3 db failed to connect unless I add the Engine12 to the providers list, would that be because FB3 engine needs Engine12 to access the security DB at the handshake?
The way the network apps try to talk to the FB3 server is via ODBC and the database field is defined as , I also tried with and made no difference, any ide why Engine12 is required?