Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 3 - Adding anew User
Author Helen Borrie
Hello fabianch@...,

Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 1:49:30 PM, you wrote:

> Sorted after reading "Initializing the Security Database" from
> at page 116. I think there is a small error on the documentation,
> where it says " isql -user sysdba employee", the sentence works
> probably on Linux but on Ms WIn 2012 Server R2 it requires the password to run.

No, it does not. At the start of that very section, we state:

"Initialization is performed in embedded mode using the isql utility.
For an embedded connection, an authentication password is not required
and will be ignored if you provide one"....and so on. It goes on to
explain that you DO need to supply SYSDBA as the session user: that's
because maintaining users is a privileged task in the security
database, even though you are connected to a regular database.

From your Original Message -----

> ''
> USER 'SYSDBA' PASSWORD 'NewPassNotMasterkey';
Here, you are using a client/server connection, not an embedded one.
You certainly need to supply full credentials for that.

So - time to read that chapter again.