Subject RE: [firebird-support] RE: Moving DB from FB 2.5.3 to FB 2.5.5
Author Neil Pickles

As far as I am concerned, so long as all the Firebird services aren’t running (if using classic) where the databases are coming from you could just copy the files so long as the OS’s are both the same type (Windows or Linux), I have certainly done it this way myself when time was short.


That said, backing up and restoring the database has its benefits and can improve performance, so I suppose it all depends on how much time you have.




Neil Pickles


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Sent: 02 June 2016 14:51
Subject: [firebird-support] RE: Moving DB from FB 2.5.3 to FB 2.5.5



Hello all,


I have 2 database servers running on Linux. One is running FB 2.5.3 and the other is running FB 2.5.5. The hardware is the same 64bit architecture for both servers.


I need to move some databases from the 2.5.3 server to the 2.5.5 server. Provided the FB service is down so the DBs aren’t corrupted, can I do a copy of the DBs I need to move, or do I need to do a backup and restore instead of the copy.


Thank you in advance,

Edward Mendez