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Thank you, english is not my first language, I interpreted the sentence as "go calculate the total amount of ram, then set the value as a number within such percentage of your ram...", but thanks for the clarification. Perhaps to avoid other users making the same mistake each configurable variable on firebird .cfg files could have a "domain" explaining what type of variable it is, like "Domain = From 0 to 100, up to 2 decimals allowed, decimal separator is DOT". Furthermore, in this case I first understood what was required was actually a percentage number, but then changed my mind as it would be too hard for most users to think that way, as percentage mathematically speaking the way to represent 20% is actually 0.2, so it goes from 0 to 1.
I hope this helps other users,
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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Issue with Database Cache Size on FB 3.0

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> The setting we are playing with are:
> On firebird.conf
> FileSystemCacheThreshold = 0
> FileSystemCacheSize = 17179869184 (this is 16 GB - the server has 32 GB
> ram.)

  Does you ever read comments describing this setting ? I can do it for you :

    "measured in % of total physical RAM".

I.e. any value not in range [0..100] is wrong by definition. Read firebird.log, it should contain
error message:

    "Incorrect FileSystemCacheSize setting %d. Using default (30 percent)."

If you really want to limit file system cache by 50% of avalable RAM - set FileSystemCacheSize
value to 50 (and restart Firebird), no need to calc in bytes...