Subject Re: [firebird-support] Searching for FB3 backup suggestions
Author Mark Rotteveel
Sorry, I just realised I was thinking of an option that had been removed. You need to run Firebird as SuperClassic or Classic (or do the backup through localhost as suggested earlier.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] Searching for FB3 backup suggestions
Datum: do, mei 26, 2016 21:23

You need to backup through localhost, or you need to set the database in databases.conf (or the Firebird default in Firebird.conf) to Shared.

You should have had the same problem with Firebird 2.5 if you used SuperServer.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] Searching for FB3 backup suggestions
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i am currently testing to migrate FB2.5 databases into FB3 databases. Cant tell how many hours i recoded SP, triggers and and and... but database is working for me now.

Then i came to the point to backup the FB3 databases on a running system. Yes, i read the manuals and release notes and searched google. Unfortunately that didnt help. People refer to release notes and quick start quide or telling that something has changed for security reasons. Fact is database file is locked if any user is connected nowadays so i cant do my backups as before. I can understand that new feature. Company i work for is a 24/7 business. So i have to plan backups on a running system. I cant tell them to stop working for even 1.5 hours because backup is running.
In the past i used nbackup but i had issues with deadlocks and missing transactions. So i used gbak fo r last two years. Worked perfect for me. I tried different commands, settings and configurations for example service manager, IP, localhost, ports, password, transportable thrusted auth, SharedDatabase, adding users, dbadmi, new virtual machines and other Windows OS. Nothing worked for me as long as one user stays connected.
I also tried using a gbak 2.5 version with a FB3 database. That backup started after i tried to use default sysdba password even if i changed password before.
Operating system is Windows Server 2012 R2. Firebird SuperServer. Backup routine, database file and backup file should be located on the same machine for the moment.

"C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_3_0\gbak.exe" -b -v -t -se service_mgr employee e:\xxx.bak -user SYSDBA
works if no one is connected else i always get error "file is used by another process".

Hopefully i will find some answers, suggestions or advices.

Regards and thanks