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I understand, I thought true SMP was referring to assigning each client's request to all CPU at once, instead of balacing the clients requests across processors. So the current version (FB 3) is probably going to outperform the FB 2.54 when there are concurrent requests passed to the server engine because each request will go to a different processor, correct? The more concurrent requests we have the more we are going to notice the difference, right?
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 Now on the flip side, the performance sucks, it is worst than with FB 2.54, and when looking at the task manager on windows it appears only one processor it doing the job, as if the code was not SMP enabled.... very strange. 

One possibility is that you're testing V3.0 SuperServer single user.  In V3.0, Firebird is multi-threaded at the client statement level.  It does not decompose queries and schedule the pieces on different processors.  That means that a full-table scan runs on only one processor.  Two simultaneous full-table scans will run on two processors.  

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