Subject Re: Is Firebird 3 ready for Production?
  I would not rush into FB 3.0 on a production system.  We did and we regret it.  We had the same hopes that the SMP would make great improvements.  At this point things are actually running slower for us with FB 3.0. Some of the queries needed to be rewritten to perform better, and we have worked around a FB 3 bug where passing a null in a query param could make it do a full table scan instead of using an index. 
  In general FB 3 seems much slower than FB 2.5 with anything that does a full table scan.  We have struggled for the past week to try to get performance back to where we were under 2.5. 
  Also not sure if you can revert to 2.5 once you move to 3.0.  The GBAK file under 3.0 will not restore under 2.5.
  Best of luck.

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Hi All

We have a multi-user, multi-company, cloud based system running with
Firebird 2.54 as the main database, with about 100 concurrent connections.
We are considering migrating to FB 3.0 to take advantaje of the SMP
architecture, we have a 32 core / processors server, so we are hopping to
see an increased performance. We also have the need to set up online
Would anyone be able to advise if it it too soon to jump into FB 3.0 for
production? And if the performance increase would be enough to make the
upgrade worth considering 3.0 has not been around for long yet, and may be
"taking too much risk" to move into it so soon? And regarding the
replication, any advise on what product may be the right choice?