Subject RE: [firebird-support] Database Unavailable
Author Leyne, Sean

> Used IB 10 years ago. Porting an SQL Anywhere app to FB 2.5. Going well
> until I try to connect a client to the database - "database unavailable." I have
> shared the DB folder on my Windows 7 machine, can browse to it from a
> client machine (Win 10) and see Full Control permissions. I have disabled my
> Trend AV on the Win7 server as well as put incoming and outgoing rules in
> the firewall for FBserver.exe.

Your post suggests that you are trying to connect to a database file on one computer from a server running on another. If so, you can't do that.

Firebird only support local connections. It does not support remote access to shared files.

You would need to have the Firebird Server installed/configured on the computer where the database file resides.

On the other computer, you would install the Firebird Client and then connect to the remote database using {Hostname or IP}:{Database Path/File name} -- where {Hostname or IP} are the details for the hosting computer and the {Database Path/File name} refers to the location of the database on the hosting computer.