Subject FW: HowTo for Plugins
Author Ralf Jansen

unfortunately, my question didn't get anything as response so I assume that there isn't a documentation dedicated to writing plugins.
Let me try a more concrete question on the subject.

I was reading the Release Notes here
and it is talking about a plug-in.h header file I can't find. Should it rather mention ImplementationHelper.h? Or is plug-in.h something I need?


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Sent: Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 11:38
Subject: [firebird-support] HowTo for Plugins

I wanted to experiment with the dbcrypt sample deployed with FB 3.0. But all I found was the source code file in the examples folder.
Is there any documentation on what is needed to get a compiling project? And some documentation about the used/needed interfaces in that example and how they are supposed to work/be used?
I tried to find something in the deployed documentation and via google but failed to find something helpful ☹
Thanks for any pointers